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(WARNING: Spoilers! Please be up to date with the comic before checking out this page!)

The Revolt:
Poring/Angeling: (The Pink Blob) He is the leader of the Poring Revolt and is brave as he is clever. His main goal is to gather all of his gelatine brethren and lead a rebellion against the players (mainly novices) who kill his kind. Mastering blesses Poring and turns him into an Angeling so he can combat Deviling.
Strength: 100
Speed: 120
Defense: 100
Special: Wings & Holy Powers

Drops: (The Yellow Blob) is Poring's main sidekick and the second member of the revolt. He is brave and loyal, but was initially one of the weakest in terms of power. He soon grows in strength and takes his place as a valuable member of the revolt.
Strength: 60
Speed: 50
Defense: 105
Special: His scars intimidate his foes.

Marin/Deviling: (The Blue Blob that turns evil) He surpasses even Poporing in power and can withstand many blows. He shares Poring's ambition to defeat players but can sometimes have his own idea of how to go about it. This lead ultimately to a fracture in the revolt and Marin left to follow Satan Morroc who granted him great power and transformed him into Deviling.
Strength: 110
Speed: 100
Defense: 105
Special: Wings & Dark Powers

Poporing: (The Green Blob) He is almost as clever as Poring and their similar attitudes and generally good natures make them quickly become good friends. Poporing is moderately powerful and was recruited from the perilous Payon Dungeon. He stole a backpack from a novice and carries the revolt's essential tools.
Strength: 80
Speed: 50
Defense: 80
Special: Good Tactician and equipped with a backpack

Metaling/Heavy Metaling: (The Robot-like Blob) No one is quite sure if it is living or machine, it's voice is sinister and robotic. Poring is unafraid, but the rest of his crew are wary of it's scary looks. Metaling is probably the most powerful of the lot, but no one knows for sure. After being defeated by a couple of Deviruchis, Metaling disappears for some time and returns as an upgraded Heavy Metaling.
Strength: 150
Speed: 35
Defense: 120
Special: Just really awesome.

Other Allies:

Picky: A young picky, saved by Poring from some players. She is not very strong, but very stubborn. She helps to cheer Poring up somewhat when the revolt is briefly divided. She find a half eggshell lying around and wears it on her head to become a Super Picky.
Strength: 35
Speed: 55
Defense: 50
Special: Can block some hits entirely with her protected head.

Mastering: The master and supposed "God" of all porings. He has great power, which is mostly shrouded in mystery. He uses a lot of his power to revive Drops and mend the broken revolt. He likes to take a neutral stance and tries not to interfere too much.
Strength: ?
Speed: ?
Defense: ?
Special: Practically a god.

Magmaring: ????

Players & Villains:
SOOPER KILLR: (The Noob Swordsman) The Revolt's first victim and biggest nuisance. He got nerd rage after being killed as a novice and viciously hunts Poring and his comrades. Who knows what SOOPER KILLR has in store for the gang next...
Strength: 50
Speed: 75
Defense: 100
Special: Likely to bring friends.

The stats shown are just a scale of ability in the comic and do not reflect how powerful said character would be in-game.
Let me know if any of these pictures break (lol imageshack) by PMing me or just leaving a comment on the comic, thanks :D
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